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However, with all the success of 24 as being a serial TV show, that knows what?s going to take place. And, surprise surprise, Prison Break caught on and for good reason. The first season was elaborately built avoid prison. The mystery and also the precise planning with the escape, so long with all the conspiratorial intrigue, gave viewers ample to ensure that they’re guessing during the entire season. The problem I saw was this: how about season 2.

Firstly, it can be to recollect the people who have ended in the past and by burning they’re able to free the spirits of the they call as the ‘Pretas’. ‘Pretas’ should function as spirits of those that have died due to a casualty or accident. The Chinese believe the use of ‘pretas’ to be very dangerous. In order for their souls chill out in peace, they invite monks with their temples with this day. The monks perform sacred rituals along with fruits and flowers just as one offering.

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